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Prior to calling ATA with technical support related issues, please make sure that you have rebooted your computer. If you have, and you are still experiencing the same technical issues, please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions. If your problem still isn't resolved, please call AgriTech Analytics at (800) 532-0900 or (559) 738-5300, and you will be given further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I lost my Barn Sheet and/or Owners Option forms. What do I do?

A. You can download blank versions of those files directly from this page:

Blank Barn Sheet
Blank Owners Option

Q. I cannot receive my test day results (milk weights)

A. If you are able to connect but are receiving old test day results, please type "receive\o" in the command line within DC305 and press enter. This will force the application to download the file, so it should pick up the new test day results.

Q. I cannot receive my barn sheet

A. To force a barn sheet, please type "bnsheet\o" in the command line within DC305 and press enter. This will force the barnsheet to be sent to you, at which time you can perform a compare.

Q. How do I upload a cow file?

A. To upload a cow file, please type "connect\s" in the command line within DC305 and press enter.

Q. Why does ATA need my cow file?

A. There are various reasons why we may need your cow file. The amount of cows may not be correct, chain number may not be correct, or you haven't tested with us for more than a two month interval and did not make a send in between test intervals. A cow file helps ensure that our information matches yours.

Q. I forgot to make a send on test day. What do I do now?

A. You can make a back-dated send by typing "send\r" in the command line within DC305. You will be prompted for a date, put the test day date in the prompt and press enter. Or, if you are on the Valley Ag Software iLoop (requires a High Speed Internet connection), you can upload a cow file by typing "connect\s" within DC305 and press enter.

Q. How do I delete a test in DC305?

A. To delete a test in DC305, type "chkfile" in the command line, then scroll down to delete the test.

Q. How do I import an index file into DC305?

A. Copy the .ind file into your DC305 directory, and then type "importf\a" in the command line

Q. How do I copy an DNL file from a thumb drive into DC305?

A. Copy the DNL file into the DC305 folder, if there is an old DNL file in the folder already, overwrite it with the new one. Open the DC305 application, and from the command line type, "receive\f". You will then be prompted to overwrite, select yes. Then check a cow page to make sure that the current test day data is there.

Additional Documentation

DairyComp 305 - AgriTech Analytics Test-Day Procedures Checklist

DairyComp 305 – AgriTech Analytics Lista de Procedimientos para el Día de Control


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